John Scofield Piety Street Band

John Scofield, a brilliant guitarist with smooth vocals and excellent compositions is the lead musician of the Piety Street Band. Originally inspired from the gospel music, Piety Street band has blended funk, blues, soul and jazz in a unique audile fashion. The band has released many hit albums and their work is getting astonishingly finer. “Bump”, “Works for me” “Up All Night”, “That’s What I Say”, “This Meets That”, and “Piety Street” and many other albums are a beautiful expression of the band member’s perfect harmony and master blend. Idiosyncratic performance by John Scofield Piety Street Band has been the main course of many jazz festivals, including Malta Jazz Festival 2009.

Born on December 26, 1951 in Ohio, Scofield is playing guitar from the age of 11 and is deemed as one of the greatest jazz guitarists. With the slick fingers that express sentiment with guitar strings, Scofield has a voice that moves the hearts of music lovers too. He attended Boston’s distinguished Berklee College of Music and mounted his international career with the release of his first solo album, “Rough House” in 1978. Scofield joined Miles Davis in 1982. Later, he started Blue Matter Band with Dennis Chambers, Grainger, Robert Aries and Jim beard David, the band released three albums; Loud Jazz, Pick Hits Live and Blue Matter.

John Scofield is in the music business from last more than 30years now and has released more than 30 albums. As the head of his band and also in collaboration with different singers, he has produced many marvelous numbers. Some of his compositions cease the mind of the listener; he/she realizes it once it ends. Scofield accentuated his unparallel jazz symphonies with electric funk music and created his own sonic style music by fusing more into the cocktail. The compositions of his band; Piety Street Band, range from classical to contemporary and from traditional to funky, but retain its absolute gospel flavor.

The members of Piety Street Bands include Jon Cleary; he plays on piano and organ, and also does vocals. Ricky Fataar is on drums. Donald Ramsey and George Porter Jr. are on the bass and most of all John Scofield is there with his versed guitar whiz. Scofield’s guitar sound is solely recognizable; it shifts from bright summer puff to pricking wild glimmer. The simplicity and purity of gospel music refrains Scofield from pushing his limits with guitar. The explicit and articulate drifts of Piety Street Band aid the songs profoundly. John Scofield Piety Street Band’s songs may be somewhat funky and jazzy, but they are concord well on the gospel theme.

Piety Street band did some albums outside their traditional turf. The experiments were quite successful and produced great items for the jazz music. The delightful experience of listening to their concerts live is always full of pleasant and melodious surprises. The unforgettable performance by Piety Street Band at the Malta Jazz Festival 2009 has made people anxiously anticipate them in the festival this year too. To make sure that you don’t miss the magical music mystics of John Scofield Piety Street Band, order your tickets today.


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