Kurt Rosenwinkel Band

The first image you get of a music concert is music lovers jumping around and banging their heads to a lot of funky music, it is considered the ultimate way to have fun. Well, if you are looking for a concert performance that doesn’t give you just the same old head banging and jumping around, Kurt Rosenwinkel will satisfy every craving for an inimitable night out. The talented composer, arranger and band leader is one of the biggest names in Jazz music today. His heart warming compositions have won this outstanding talent an Award from the French Government and also praise from the National Endowment of the Arts who presented him a Composer’s Award in 2005.

You must’ve heard Rosenwinkel play with classic artists like Human Feel and Gary Burton. It was with these legendary names that he developed his composing and guitar playing skills. Once his talent was honed and ready to go, he played with over 20 different bands as side man. His true gift of composing melodies and Jazz Pieces only came to the forefront after 1995 when he released his first album as a composer.

As a composer and band leader, Rosenwinkel has released 15 albums and each of them has received much critical praise due to the intricate compositions of this musical genius. His musical styling is different from contemporary Jazz musicians due to his influence being multiple genres of music including Hip-Hop and Country. Unusual for a Jazz musician, Rosenwinkel counts Biggie Smalls and John Coltrane among his influences for his music.

When you listen to a melody composed by Rosenwinkel, you don’t just take it as a Jazz song. The way the music is arranged reminds one of classic pieces by Beethoven and Mozart. The intricate fusion of different genres of music and the use of a whole spectrum of musical instruments make the final composition something that would amaze all listeners. Being a guitar maestro himself, Rosenwinkel provides most of the lead guitar parts and writes the rest of the parts as band leader. His compositions have true deep meaning and listeners of Jazz will be pleased to see their favorite kind of music played with such valor and imagination.


If you’re on your way to a Kurt Rosenwinkel Band concert, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This is real music. Music that you have to feel to really understand without the help of words painting a picture for you, it will be the instruments and their players that would be telling a story through music. The Malta Festival is officially one of the biggest “chill-out” events in the world and no artist is more suitable to the mood and feel of this festival than Kurt Rosenwinkel. If you are going to the Malta Festival, it would be criminal to not get Kurt Rosenwinkel Band Tickets and be part of a performance that defines what the Malta Festival in. So when you make your way there, just sit back, relax and enjoy the best in Jazz Fusion music.

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