He is the youngest Cuban artist ever nominated for the Grammy Awards. He is ‘one the hottest names in Afro-Cuban music” according to The Los Angeles Times. His indigenous Cuban style and perfect rendition of Latin jazz has made him a sought-after name in the Cuban music industry.

He is none other than Orlando "Maraca" Valle, popularly known as Maraca. A famous flutist and composer, Maraca has always given unforgettable musical experience to his fans. Be it his gates-shattering performance at Malta Jazz Festival 2009 or his various other concerts of the past, Maraca Tickets were sold in a matter of minutes. The same is going to happen this time too as Maraca magic will be continued this year and in times to come.

Maraca is a wonderful Jazz music entertainer who represents new generation of Cuban musicians. As a composer, his specialty lies in the fusion he creates by combining the sound of Latin jazz with ready-to-dance tunes. As an entertainer, he rules the rest on the basis of his spectacular live performances and wide fan base. Over the years, he has delivered a good chunk of blockbuster music and has achieved the rank as one of the front-liners of Cuban music industry.

Like most of present world’s music stars, Maraca developed passion for music at a very young age. He was born to a musical family and studied at music conservatory of Escuela Superior de Arte in Cuba. Initially, he played with Cuban musicians Emiliano Salvador and Bobby Caracasses and started off as flute player at the age of sixteen. He joined world renowned jazz band Irakere, led by Chuchu Valdes, and remained with them for six years. This was the time when he got exposure to different styles of music and he understood the commercial side of music industry.

At the age of 24, Maraca left Irakere to embark on his own career. He formed his own group Maraca & Otra Vision that released its debut album in 1996. Maraca has assembled the brightest young Cuban musicians in his band and they produce innovative music that is rooted in traditional Latin Jazz but driven by contemporary sound at the same time. With his band, he has showcased some great stuff for music listeners. Their albums such as Formula Uno, Havana Calling, and Sonando and Descarga Total have done stupendously well. Besides this, he has collaborated with many other artists and produced hit music for the likes of Tata Guines and Cubanismo.

The critics have always been in full praise for the rhythmically complex and lyrically clever music of Maraca. Howard Reich from The Chicago Tribune calls his band “The most influential Afro-Cuban band of the emerging century”. Similarly, one of Cuba’s national newspapers terms him “An essential personality in the actual panorama of Cuban music”. And not to forget his record of being the youngest Cuban artist ever nominated by the US National Recording Academy; an honor he earned because of his nomination at the Grammy Awards in 2003 for Best salsa Album.

Maraca may be liked by the critics but he is loved by his fans. For them, he is nothing but the best musician they have ever heard. If you are one of the true Maraca fans, then grab tickets for his concerts and enjoy dance-ready flavor of Jazz.


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