Miguel Zenón Quartet

Miguel Zenon is one of those few young talented musicians who stepped into the music industry after establishing a sound base of music through proper learning. Zenon masters in playing the saxophone that he started learning at an early age. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico Miguel Zenon started learning classical way of playing saxophone in a well known music school called Escuela Libre de Musica.

Zenon always found his interest set in the Jazz music, and while he was still studying in his high school he was immensely exposed to that genre of music. However his proper training for the Jazz Music originally began after when he started attending Berklee School of Music. After graduating from Berklee, Zenon went on to study at the Manhattan School of Music, after he received a scholarship to study there. He earned his Masters in Saxophone Performance degree from there in 2001 and went on to pursue his career as a professional musician.

During his training years, Zenon has studied under well celebrated music instructors including Dave Liebman, Rafael Martinez, Leslie Lopez, and Angel Marrero.

After completing his musical training, he became a leading member of a Jazz Octet named SF Jazz Collective. Along with the octet, Zenon toured extensively all over the globe, and entertained hundreds of jazz enthusiasts at various venues in Europe, Canada, Asia and United States. The group has also released 5 studio albums to date, all of which received critical acclaim and established a sound fan base for the group.

Meanwhile Miguel Zenon also established his own Quartet called the Miguel Zenon Quartet, which was also nothing less than a success story itself. With his own quartet Zenon has released a total of 4 studio albums, all of which went on to become highly acclaimed recordings, just like his previous ones with SF Jazz Collective. The quartet debuted with an album titled Looking Forward, which went on to be ranked at #1 spot in the category of Independent Jazz Record of 2002 in New York Times.

Later on Miguel Zenon Quartet Scored a record deal with Marsalis Music and released its second studio album entitled ‘Ceremonial’. Just like its debut album, Ceremonial also went to top several charts, and established Quartet’s reputation in the music industry. A year later after the release of Ceremonial, Miguel Zenon Quartet came up with a Tribute album called “Jibaro”, which earned its place on various top ten charts in the world. The fourth studio album released by the quartet was Awake, which was listed among some of the Best Jazz CD’s at the Jazz.com. The most recent original record work by the quartet came out back in 2009 in an album entitled Esta Plena. The album explores the various horizons between the genre of Jazz Music and Plena Music within its tracks.


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