Chasing Pandora

An acoustic folk and blues based singer / song writing duo, Chasing Pandora is from Gozo, an island in Mediterranean. Vocalist Melissa Portelli writes the lyrics and Keith Anthony plays guitar and writes the music.

Keith started playing guitar so early and Melissa has written poetry since she learnt holding a pen. When they started working together, Keith discovered his ability to write songs and Melissa her talent for singing and writing lyrics.

Instantaneously they felt there was an exceptional creative chemistry between them and found working together as an exciting experience as well as the creative outlet they desired for.

They perform primarily using just voice and acoustic guitar, to express the understanding in conveying the emotion and sorrow in their compositions.

Their partnership was formed when record producer / manager Steve Brown heard Melissa singing and was amazed by the originality of her voice that he put her together with Keith who’s soulful guitar playing he had long admired.

Music is like a magical potion: It is a powerful tool to help you to remember, but also to forget. And music can give hope.

It was solely hope which the goddess Pandora had left in her box – that according to Greek mythology was given to her by Zeus – And it is for that hope that Melissa Portelli and Keith Anthony are Chasing Pandora.

Keith Anthony (25) has been involved in the local music scene, notably as a member of the Band PL4Y. Melissa Portelli (23) has been writing poetry since her teenage, but never dreamt she would have a sound recording of her lyrics! “It’s surreal!” she exclaims.

Music has always occupied a special place in both their lives. It “is my drug, it possesses me,” says Keith, “Playing transports me to a place where hours become minutes – it affects me in ways that I just can’t explain.” For Melissa, it was music that helped her to finally come to terms with her brother’s brutal murder, thinking her normal teenage fear was a thing of the past. “Music was my redeemer,” she recalls, “it helped me return to my true love poetry.”

Chasing Pandora’s producer Steve Brown is the owner of Tickety Boo, an artist management company, and has been Melissa’s employer for these last 2 years. After having sampled some of Keith’s work during a recording session, he acknowledged the burial in combining Keith’s and Melissa’s talents, and he led them onto the right track.

Keith’s compositions are a perfect match for Melissa’s thoughtful lyrics, and his melodies are exceptionally Chasing Pandora: The fact that “less is more” is particularly true and characteristic for the young duo. Melissa’s exceptional voice is beautifully complemented by Keith’s guitar play.

Within the space of a few weeks they created no less than twelve demo songs, and a couple of months later four songs were recorded, which can be heard on their first single Feel the Rain. They also share this chemistry with their audiences at live performances, reflecting their intimacy in their full album including acoustic guitar, voice and synthesizer. The album’s recording is planned to take place in their newly set up professional home studio through the months of January and February.

The only way is up! The month of December is the logical conclusion to the exciting year that 2006 has been for Melissa and Keith. Chasing Pandora has been nominated in the Best Newcomers category for the Bay Music Awards on the 12th of December! The voting remains open until 6th December. Give your support to the two aspiring Gozitans by text messaging containing “Chasing Pandora” to 5061 6890.