The Malta Jazz Festival will run from July 21 to 23 and is to be
set in the majestic Grand Harbour. This year there will be a broader musical palette which will involve musical styles that have a more immediate appeal, yet these will feature alongside the stricter jazz orthodox style that always has and always will play a prominent role in the Malta Jazz Festival (MJF).

As in the past, legendary names will grace the MJF with luminaries such as Percy Jones, Bill Bruford and Tim Garland sharing the stage with local artists Kris Spiteri and his band Noir and percussionist Renzo Spiteri. The original Blues Brothers lineup will create a soulful atmosphere together with Thabani, while the Alan Parsons Live Project will close the festival with a set of rock standards.

Tunnels goes back to a trio format and come up with the more “soniquely” advance project so far, featuring nine tunes all by Percy and Marc, this recording stands out for its re-invention of the group musical vision. This is also the first recording featuring Tunnels new drummer John O’reilly Jr. strong and fluid style. Tunnels fifth release demonstrate that there is still a lot to discover on their musical journey. The intensity and creativity shown in this recording has lead some to regard Tunnels as the best Jazz fusion band of today‚Äôs progressive scene and their debut album a real masterpiece.

Mr. Jones is certainly one of the finest electric bassists the music world has ever witnessed. Jones has conspicuously carved out a signature sound and style, which is clearly his own.”Tunnels” is a band who stylistically epitomize the best of an oft misunderstood genre.Marc Wagnon, powerhouse drummer Frank Katz along with multi-talented guitarist Van Manakas perform a mini clinic on the finer points of prog-fusion, while exhibiting flair and precision. Besides all the technical prowess, “Tunnels” aim to entertain through thoughtful and quite inspiring compositions. This is not about a band who systemically attempt to outdo one another in the chops department yet it is all about getting the most out of their musical gifts and weaving their collective sensibilities into a unified whole.

While the intensity level frequently resides in the red zone, this band strive to entertain and/or induce the listener’s involvement; hence, advocates of fusion and progressive rock should be elated that “BuckyBall Records” decided to release this gem.

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