Malta Restaurent

Resturents in Malta

Malta and Gozo, together with little Comino – this archipelago, in the middle of the Mediterranean is known throughout the world for its beauty and serenity and rich culture and traditions, making it a popular vacation resort and attraction for many.

Maltese cuisine draws its influence from Italy, northern Africa and Britain. Most restaurants in resort areas like Sliema cater largely to English tourists, offering pub grub like meat and three veg or bangers and mash, and you have to go a little out of the way to find ‘real’ Maltese food. Island’s specialities are Italian/Sicilian or Moorish in origin, alos including rabbit (fenek) and small savory pastries known as pastizzi.

True Maltese food is simple yet delicious, largely comprising of fish and vegetables. Thus one would find staples like soppa ta’ l-armla (widow’s soup), made by mashing the vegetables available in the season and is cooked in a thick tomato stock. Also, arjoli – a julienne of spiced up and oiled vegetables, with butter beans, a puree made from broadbeans and herbs called bigilla, and whatever other delicacies are available, like Maltese sausages or gbejniet (simple cheeselets made from goats’ milk and rennet, served either fresh, dried or peppered). By the end of summer, don’t forget to try out fried lampuki (dolphin fish) in tomato and caper sauce. One must also try to have a bite of hobz biz-zejt made from leavened Maltese bread, cut into thick chunks, or else baked unleavened (ftira, from the Arabic root for flat), and served well in oil. The bread is then spread with a thick layer of strong tomato paste, and topped (or filled) with olives tuna, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and the optional arjoli.

Maltese cuisine:
Maltese cuisine is actually, fusion food, resulting from the relationship of the Islanders and the many foreigners who made Malta their home over the centuries- giving Malta an assorted mix of Mediterranean cooking.

Maltese cuisine is a traditional form of cuisine, which was prepared more exclusively in the ancient times, and which has now become a part of a much more varied diet followed by the Maltese people. Indeed, the Maltese enjoy a Mediterranean diet, with heavy Italian influences. However, Maltese cuisine is seen to be the more customary form of cooking in Malta but which has now been joined by other different types of cuisine and influences, which are also an integral part of the Maltese diet.

Fruit de Mer Restaurant:
Fruit de Mer Restaurant is a fabulous food outlet, which serves Maltese and International Food, specializing in Meat and Fish. All food is freshly prepared on order.

PaLeon Restaurant:
PaLeon Restaurant offers the ambiance, the service, and yes, the cuisine with local dishes, fresh fish and a selection of local and foreign wines. At the Pasta House, a wide range of pasta is available and a-la-carte menu with a three course set menu at only Lm 3.50 p.p.

Anasuja Indian Restaurant:
Renowned for the inimitable way the chef’s specializes in serving Indian cuisine, with also a choice of either set menu or a’ La Carte, this restaurant is managed by an Indian team. They offers appetizing Indian dishes, varying from mild through medium to hot! Special Chicken is prepared,

The Legends Dining Gallery:
Bar, restaurant, pizzeria and Internet Cafe – Specialising in Maltese Dishes and Fresh Fish, different kinds of pasta, and pizza. A La Carte or set menu – perfect for any occasion, and special arrangements for groups or tour operators for lunch or dinner are very welcome.

“Rojohn” Indian Restaurant:
Rojohn -an Indian Restaurant is one of the best Oriental restaurants around, offering distinctive Indian food in a luxurious ambiance. Having an extensive a la carte menu at good prices, and well stocked with local and foreign wines. Vigilant, welcoming service that has made Rojohn so well known, guaranteed. Open six days a week, and catering for family occasions and private functions.

“Kuala Lumpur” Restaurant:
Specializing in Malaysian and Chinese cuisine, with a assorted choices of regional specialties, Kuala Lumpur with other highlights, also offers discounts of 10% for takeaway meals.

“La Stalla” Bar and Restaurant
This restaurant is one of the busiest and excellent restaurants in the area, having a warm, “barn” style ambiance, with adjoining bar area for you to relax in. it has for a la carte menu, fresh Mediterranean fish, large scrumptious pizzas and a wide choice of local wines.

“Strawberry Grove” Mazzola Street, Bugibba:
This immaculately-kept and sophisticatedly-decorated restaurant greets you to a wide selection of pasta dishes, grilled steaks, fresh fish and poultry, pizza and salads at very reasonable prices.

Maltese Speciality Restaurant :
It-Tokk offers a choice of Maltese dishes. Also, they have a hot and cold buffet offering Ravioli and Timpana. Entrees include Bragioli, Pulpetti, Octopus and Rabbit dishes.Kannoli and Qubbajt and other Maltese favorites are dished-up for desert.

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