Malta Vacation

Malta Island – largest among the three islands, constituting the Maltese archipelago and Republic of Malta, is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with Italy in south and Libya in north. Covering an area of 246 km² (95 square miles), its highest point of the archipelago, at 253 m, is Ta’ Dbiegi on the island of Gozo. With Valletta being the capital, the landscape is beautified by low hills with terraced fields. With a display of seaside villas and vacation homes, Malta vacation rental is perfect for family vacations or romantic journeys.

The three Maltese Islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino are located about 50 miles south of Sicily. Guests at Malta vacation rentals can enjoy swimming, water skiing, fishing, sailing, wind-surfing, jet skiing, and cruising the harbor. The national languages are English and Maltese. The unit of currency is currently the Maltese Lira (Lm), with a central parity rate against the euro of 0.429300.

Malta offers fabulous diving and snorkeling with its warm, clear waters, sheltered bays, shipwrecks, reefs, and colorful marine life. Top diving sites include the underwater caves and boulders at Anchor Bay and the wreck of the WWII Blenheim Bomber. With more than 20 beaches to sunbath on, Malta’s most popular beach, Mellieha Bay, features calm, shallow water that is perfect for swimming, or perhaps the less crowded Paradise Bay, featuring clear water and golden sand.

Malta’s capital of Valletta is filled with Baroque and Gothic architecture. Built by the Knights of St. John, Valletta is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests of Malta vacation rentals can visit St. John’s Cathedral with its lavish Baroque interior, as well as several museums.
Other highlights for the sightseers include touring the Hypogeum, a maze of underground chambers believed to have been a temple and burial site created by Neolithic man. Amulets, statuettes, figurines, and vases from the site are displayed at the National Museum of Archaeology. Valletta also offers a variety of shopping for guests of Malta vacation rentals, from small shops selling antiques, books and jewelry, to upscale fashion boutiques on Republic Street and Merchants Street.

Though the island of Gozo is smaller, the guests of Malta vacation rentals can enjoy rocky or red sand beaches and great diving. Other attractions for guests of Malta vacation rentals include Baroque churches, locally made handcrafts, and the remarkable Ggantija Temples, dating to the third century B.C. and believed to be the world’s oldest self-supporting monuments. Pottery and other treasures excavated during the 1827 are on display at the archaeology museums in Victoria and Valletta.

Comino is perfect for the day-trip, with excellent snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon, a sheltered inlet of white sand and sparkling water.

Malta makes the ideal destination for couples, families, or groups. From lavishness to family-friendly vacation homes, there’s a Malta vacation rental that’s perfect for you. So why wait when you can book your rental rite away!

With the Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso’s Cave, the Maltese Islands are truly mythic. The narrow meandering streets of their towns and villages are crowded with Renaissance cathedrals and Baroque palaces, with its countryside being speckled with the oldest known human structures in the world.

The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean, with Malta 93km south of Sicily and 288km north of Africa. The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of 400,000 inhabitants over an area of 316sq km and a coastline of 196.8km (not including 56.01 km for the island of Gozo).

Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative hub. Gozo is the second largest island and is more rustic, featuring fishing-areas, tourism, crafts and agriculture while Comino is largely uninhabited.

With its terrific sunny weather, liberal beaches, a booming nightlife and 7,000 years of fascinating history, there is yet more to get indulged in!

The long association between the Islanders and the various nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries has created a marriage of styles and traditions, giving the Islands an enthralling assorted culture. the national languages are English and Maltese. The unit of currency is currently the Maltese Lira (Lm), with a central parity rate against the euro of 0.429300.

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