Staying In Malta

Stay in Malta

Malta is reasonably connected to Europe and North Africa. The schedules fares are not cheap but you can find some pretty good packages and you can even bargain through NSTS. You can find the representatives for student travel organizations in Malta plus as an associate member of hostelling international has offices in Valetta. Whereas Air Malta has connected flights to and from Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Catania (Sicily), Damascus, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Lyon, Madrid, Manchester, Munich, Palermo, Paris, Rome, Tunis, Vienna, Zurich and some other destinations too.

Then there are also weekly direct flights of Air Malta from Melbourne and Sydney. Besides Air Malta few other airlines too that serve the country like Alitalia, KLM, Lufthansa, Swissair and Tunisavia. A tip for buying tickets is, try to avoid buying tickets from Malta as the process are comparatively on the high side. For a lifetime experience to travel to Malta can be that you go for chartered flights that normally offer excellent prices for a trip of week or two especially in winter. Is you are an adventure loving soul like me; you may enjoy visiting Malta by sea. Malta is also well connected to world by sea. Malta has regular links to Sicily (Palermo, Pozzallo, Syracuse and Catania) plus northern Italy (Genoa and Livorno) in summer particularly.

Do confirm before planning your trip by sea as the Italy-Malta services frequently changes. Amnd then there are regular Malta car-ferries to Italian port and to Tunisia. Remember the ferries do not have exchange facility neither are they available on Malta’s port. In addition there is also no public transport available from port to the city of Valetta. So either you have to catch a taxi which I strongly recommend or you do a steep 15 minute walk. Malta is a small cozy place to visit. The best part about Malta is that it known as the delicious food. Now about staying too you shouldn’t worry as there are all options from destination of gourmets. So one thing is for sure wherever you’ll stay you’ll be eating expensive five star hotels to cheap but neat and clean guesthouses.

You may even get a chance to stay in the best hotel (Malta Hotel Reservation) in a very reasonable price as there no set rates about accommodation according to class nowadays. So you can move around to get an idea about prices and bargain with the authorities may prove fruitful to you in terms of having high-class accommodation in less money. Prices gets pretty cheap in off-season, which is quite understood phenomenon I guess, but even in high season most of the times two and three star hotels turn to be cheap then the guest house. There are also hotels on Malta and Gozo, you can check Valletta, Sliema and also St. Julian’s section. That’s not it there is even cheaper option but it is for boarding with families for around Lm3 a night.

I would recommend trying the National Student Travel Service (NSTS). The natives of Malta really enjoy a good high and rich living standard. There is low inflation and low unemployment rate. As a result Maltese currency is not very cheap. By European standards their currency is valued good. The currency is known as Maltese Lira that is divided in to 100 cents. You can find 1, 2, and 5, 10, 25, 50 cent plus coins as Lm1, Lm2, Lm5, Lm10, and also Lm20 notes. Maltese currency is also referred as pound

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