Ivan Filletti

Filletti established himself as one of Malta’s top blues singers and live performers on the island, with power blues- rock band ‘Filletti & Friends’ and a strong dose of Led Zeppelin influences. With ‘F&F’ he released the self-titled album ‘Filletti & Friends’ playing in all the live venues, grottiest pubs and hottest festivals Malta could offer.

The blues was kept aside for a new voice, new songs and new influences in 2004. “I was going through a very thoughtful phase. I started to question everything about my life. My day job, relationship, musical career, voice…the whole works. Till then I was like driving to the max with no control over where I was heading… so I hit hard on the brakes and slowly but surely started to pick up the pieces and find my peace of mind….” The process of picking up the pieces took the shape of writing a new bunch of songs, which led to ‘Somedays’, his debut solo album released in 2005.

“I literally picked up my Ovation guitar, bought a couple of tapes for my dictaphone and just scribbled lyrics, recorded melodies and tried to be as honest as possible in all the work I was doing. The therapeutic process had started. I latched on to every lyric and sang every chorus as if my life depended on it”. Early on in the writing process he met his co-writer and co-producer of the album, Boris Cezek. “Boris was the catalyst that turned my melodies and lyrics into the songs and sounds of ‘Somedays’. He immediately understood want I wanted to achieve and more importantly he did not try to change anything but rather enhance the formula”. That approach has certainly worked. Released in June 2005 ‘Somedays’ has become one of most successful albums ever to be launched in Malta, still selling strongly 12 months from its launch.

Four singles released from the album, ‘Cold Heart’, ‘Who’s to Blame’, ‘Breaking my Hand’ and ‘Fly’ became some of the most played songs across all the top local radio stations. “It was incredible. The songs and album just took a life of their own. We started the live gigs and the audience was singing to each and every word. Somehow they connected to the lyrics and melodies’.

In December 2005, Filletti was awarded the Best Solo Artist Award by Malta’s top radio station, Bay Radio 89.7. In 2006 he supported two of Italy’s top singer- songwriters Marco Masini and Amedeo Minghi in three sell out nights. His live gigs at the island’s top venues became one of the most important live dates in the local gig scene. “I’ve still got a lot to learn but with the help of the band, UK based vocal coach Martin Lebermann and positive reactions we keep getting from the gigs I should settle down and start writing the second ‘difficult’ album”.